Zhi Bai Di Huang Pian

Harmonizing kidney and heart function since 1742 A. D.

TCM Therapeutic Actions: Nourishes yin to decrease pathogenic fire.

TCM Indications:  Hyperactivity of fire caused by yin deficiency, hectic fever and night sweats, lower back and sore knees, sore throat, insomnia, chronic swelling of the gums, ringing in the ears, and nocturnal seminal emission.

Modern Indications: Used for weakness due to chronic disease, hypertension, and chronic nephritis. See Liu Wei Di Huang Pian, Tanglong Herbal Tablet (KI-003).

Comments: This formula is based on Liu Wei Di Huang Pian and includes two additional herbs to decrease pathogenic fire. It also helps conditions related to Heart and Kidney function disorders, especially useful for drawing heat from the upper body to the lower body.

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Kidney - KI-004



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