Traditonal Chinese Medicine views the human body in a unique way. Following are the major principles and theories which govern this ancient, authentic medical system. When you acquire this deeper understanding, you will be able to apply its theories, techniques and tools to your own healing and you will have more control over your own health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes ...

everyone is born with self-healing ability
destructive energy patterns like cancer can be interrupted and broken
the body has the ability to regenerate its immune system
the best cure is prevention
the human body is an organic whole
the human body has an inseparable connection with the natural world and the universe as a whole
Traditional Chinese medicine theory states that as long as the body's two major operating systems work in harmony, both within themselves and with each other, good health will be maintained and disease avoided. These two critical systems are the meridian network and the five major organs. Together, they encompass the Western concept of the immune system
Meridians — The Body's Amazing Energy Network

Your body has twelve major meridians or energy pathways. Each one is related to a specific organ. The earliest records containing a description of these pathways date from between 722 B.C. - 221 B.C. TCM believes that the meridians (sometimes called “channels”) form an energy network that covers the entire body. They link with each other and connect all structures and all parts of the body - skin, tendons, bone, internal organs, cells, atoms - as well as connect the interior with exterior and the upper body with the lower body. This interlinked, animating energy network makes the body an organic whole.

Meridians also form the passageways through which your energy runs throughout your body. The ancient medical text, Nei Jing, states: “The function of the channel (meridian) is to transport the Qi and blood and circulate yin and yang to nourish the body.” Because meridians respond to and carry stimulation as well as transmit information, they can bring healing energy to various parts of your body - affecting physiological and other changes as Qi circulates. It is this function which makes acupuncture and acupressure work; the flow of Qi in the meridians can be enhanced or modified either with needles or with the pressure of the finger or the hands.

The understanding of these energy pathways and the organs they link provides TCM with a framework for pinpointing the root cause of your health problems, as well as the diagnoses to heal them. Meridians work by regulating the energy functions of your body. They help coordinate your organs’ work and keep your body balanced. If a dysfunction occurs, acupuncture or other therapy can be used to further stimulate the relevant meridian(s) to bring an affected organ back into balance. If the energy in any meridian stagnates for too long, the energy can become blocked up and eventually turn into matter - a physical mass can then occur. Also, if a meridian suffers from a dysfunction, it becomes susceptible to outside disease factors that can eventually make their way into your internal organs along the route of the affected meridian. TCM theory states that as long as Qi flows freely through your meridians, your body can avoid disease.

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