Jian Bu Pian

Strengthening kidney function for joints since 1358 A.D

TCM Therapeutic Actions: Nourishes Kidney yin and decreases pathogenic fire. Helps build strong bones and tendons.

TCM IndicationsChronic urinary and genital problems, difficult or painful urination, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, chronic sore throat, red eyes, chronic fever, tinnitus, hot flashes, night sweats, back pain, sore knees, heel pain, dry mouth, loose teeth, and sore throat.

Modern Indications:   Rheumatic arthritis, rheumatoid pain, weakness in the waist, legs and the muscles and bones of limbs, walking with difficulty, polio or infantile paralysis.

Comments: For any conditions related to Kidney and Liver yin deficiency, such as tendonitis, joint pain, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis

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Kidney - KI-005



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