Welcome to American Healing Technologies, Inc. (AHT).

We're a distributor and marketer of top quality, authentic classical Chinese herbal formulas and new healing technologies for Western markets.

Our mission is simple. We want to help create a deeper level of understanding about traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and the unique apothecary that helps form the foundation of this holistic healing system.

AHT is dedicated to helping Western healthcare professionals - especially acupuncturists - learn how to enhance natural healing and healthcare for their patients with safe, effective TCM herbal products and other healing technologies. AHT is headed by entrepreneurs who have established ties with top herbal companies in China. Recently AHT entered into an exclusive partnership with Gansu Health and Medical Products Import Export Corporation for the launch of Gansu's new Tanglong 750-mg. Herbal Tablets in the Americas and Europe. We are the first and only distributor to introduce 750-mg. classical herbal formula tablets produced in China.

AHT has also established a relationship with the US-based Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation and its founding director Nan Lu, O.M.D., L.Ac. This relationship allows us to provide unique educational information from a classically trained expert. He is the author of three best-selling books published by HarperCollins on TCM for breast cancer prevention; stress and weight loss; and menopause without hormones, and the developer of The Dragon's Way Stress and Weight Management Program.

Dr. Lu also owns and operates www.breastcancer.com and www.tcmworld.org. He is one of the top Taiji masters in the world, a Qigong expert, and a gifted herbalist in his own right having developed proprietary TCM herbal and skin care products based on classical formulas for his own successful lines and for a major direct marketing company. His insight and guidance have helped AHT develop useful, educational information that, we believe, will enhance your practice and serve your patients better. AHT will offer educational workshops and conferences with Dr. Lu in the near future.

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