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Rich and romantic, the Gansu area well-known as an important stop on the exotic “Silk Road,” the vital communications link that allowed Asian, African, and European continents to exchange an unimaginable array of wealth-producing goods.  Steeped in history and blessed with magnificent scenery, Gansu sits in a unique geological setting – at the intersection of three plateaus; surrounded by five majestic mountain ranges, caressed by beautiful tributaries of the mighty Yangtze River. Vast in size, Gansu enjoys a unique climate where it experiences arid weather and long periods of sunshine yearlong. Because of its special landforms, soil and climate, Gansu is the ideal place for the growth of healthy, wild Chinese herbs. Home to more than one thousand herbal species, Gansu has more varieties than any other place in China.

Lanzhou City, capital of Gansu province, was built 581 AD during the Sui Dynasty. One of Northwest China’s most important cities, it is known as the “Home of Natural Chinese Herbs.” Lanzhou is the crossroads of politics, economics, culture and science. It is most well-known for five unique medicinal herbal plants: Angelicae Sinensis (Dang Gui), Chinese salvia (Wen Tang Seng), Chinese licorice (Gan Cao), Chinese rhubarb, and Jintchy root. Other main herbs it grows, harvests and processes are: Pinellia, Safflower, Polyporus umbellatus, Bupleurum, Fennel seeds, Anxi cumin, rose flowers, apricot seeds, Gastrodia, Ginko biloba, Fern, Lily, Sichuan pepper, to name a few.  This herbal cornucopia provides the largest amount of first-quality plants harvested than any other province in China. Gansu herbs are well-known throughout Japan and Southeast Asia because of their high quality and uncontaminated condition.

About the Tanglong Products

The 36 Tanglong Herbal Tablet formulas in the Practitioners’ Essentials have been used, in most cases, for centuries … and in some case millennia! Each product bears the TCM general usage description and the date when the formula was first recorded as used. Two formulas – An Shen Bu Xin Pian, for heart function conditions and Shan Zha Jian Zhi for Spleen/Stomach function conditions – are modern formulas. You can use all these Tanglong formulas with the utmost confidence.

Tanglong Herbal Tablets are made at one of China’s four pharmaceutical grade GMP manufacturers. Its factory is certified by the Australian government as a qualified GMP factory with the strictest controls available – from the selection of raw herbs to its state-of-the-art manufacturing processes through final packaging. All phases are monitored with extensive quality control and testing procedures for heavy metal and contamination.  Tanglong Herbal Tablets also meet the California FDA standards for heavy metals, bacteria, and pesticide residue.

The Tanglong Advantage … TCM herbs have never been more convenient!

You and your patients can trust the Tanglong Advantage. Now you can offer them the “Best of the East” herbal formulas with the “Best of the West” product convenience.

Tanglong Herbal Tablets are continually tested for safety, purity and quality. Light years ahead of tablets on the market, they’re made from 100 percent pure concentrates. There’s no need to worry about raw fibers, fillers, contaminants, or heavy metals. You can trust the Tanglong brand, just as thousands of hospitals and clinics in China have been doing for more than a decade. 

Tanglong 750-mg. coated tablets are easy to take, easy to remember … and conveniently sized for Western usage. Patients appreciate the easy of use since intake can be twice daily. This concentrated delivery system means fewer pills, which means increased compliance. The ultimate benefit?  Better healing results for your patient … and you! The Tanglong Tablet Herbal Formulas in the Practitioners’ Essentials Collection carries a descriptive legend identifying what healing function the formula coves and what year it was first recorded as used.

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